Weight loss progress pics. What a difference a year can make!



I really thought I posted this here already.  Didn’t I?  I meant to.  Oh well, here we go…

Each week when I weigh in I take a front and side shot of myself.  I was comparing the pics this week and really started to see the weight loss in my face.  Decided to dig back through some pics and found a few that are good representatives of my previous states.  I actually started getting fit in September of 2011, I just couldn’t find a pic around then so I had to dig back to February.  I really started to work at things in January 2012 so these pics show the results of about a year’s worth of effort.

I hit a plateau recently, about 4 weeks at the same weight, and seeing these pics was really encouraging.  It’s easy to stay motivated when you’re seeing progress each week.  Now, now… I know the scale isn’t the only story when you’re losing weight and I can say that even though the scale wasn’t moving my clothes continue to get looser (more loose?) and I keeping punching new holes in my belt to make it smaller – so there was still progress.  But as anyone who’s lost weight or tried to lose weight knows, it’s easier know the scale isn’t the only way to see progress than it is to get your brain to be OK with that.

With the input of some great Fitocrats (check out Fitocracy.com if you have no idea what I’m talking about) I made a few adjustments and got off that plateau, but I’m sure I’ll hit one again.  Being able to look at things like this and see how far I’ve come is a huge help when I’m feeling stuck.  It reminds me that if I made it this far I can go the distance.