I’ve lost over 100 pounds… and got quite a shock at the doctor’s office.

Not my actual feet... or weight.

Not my actual feet… or weight.

Yesterday was a bit crazy.  I went to the doctor for an annual check up, I was actually looking forward to going as I’d lost 78 lbs (or so I thought) and she’d urged me in the past to lose weight.  Since she hadn’t seen me in a year it would be a pretty noticeable change.  Cool.

The last time I saw her was September 2011.  The nurse checked me in and went through the typical stuff – blood pressure, pulse check, any meds, weighing me… uh oh, they want me to step on a scale.  So I step up, wait a second and look at the digital display, it read [ — ].  Over the limit.  Damn.  I didn’t even look at the weight limit on the scale, I just stepped off and moved on, the nurse asked me how much I weighed and I gave her my guesstimate.  She looked at me a bit funny and I figured my guesstimate must have been less than the scale’s limit, however I didn’t ask and she didn’t question my answer.  I didn’t know for sure my starting weight, I didn’t buy a scale until I knew I’d lost a good bit, then I weighed and took a guess at how much I thought I’d loss.  I’ve never been very good at estimating weight, obviously.

Now it’s October 2012 and time for my follow-up visit.  The nurse greets me and we head to the scale.  I step on an it pops up 393, which is 7 lbs more than my scale at home but I’m fully clothed so I’m guessing we’re pretty close.  This time I decided to check the limit on the scale, I was shocked when I saw that it was 500 lbs.  What?!  Did I read that right?  Maximum weight 500 lbs.  I was shocked.  Now I see why she looked at me oddly when I guesstimated my weight at 465 the previous year.  I can’t believe I weighed over 500 lbs at my heaviest.  It’s hard to admit, it’s embarrassing.  I actually think that scale did me a favor last year by not registering my actual weight, not sure I could have handled it at the time.  I go in the exam room and wait on the doctor.  When she walked in the firs thing she said was, “You’ve lost weight.”  Nice.  She commented that she could really see it in my face.    Just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy about the scale I asked her if I read the max weight correctly at 500 lbs, she said I had.  I asked her if they’d replaced the scale since last year, they hadn’t.  My 1/4 ton+ starting weight was confirmed – and I didn’t like it one bit.

However, on the bright side of things I’ve actually lost 107+ lbs and I am damn proud of that.  I will do everything within my power to never see a 4 as the first digit in my weight again and I sure as hell am not going to see a 5… and not just because the scale won’t read that high. ;-)  That visit in 2011 was my first step to getting my life on track, taking control of some things that had gotten out of control.  I’m proud to say a year later I have made major, major changes in my life.  I’ve changed what I eat, how much I eat, my physical activity and my sleep patterns and the sum total of these actions means I’ve lost 107 pounds in the last year and on my way to even more.  As shocked as I was to find out my true starting weight it will also be a huge motivator to never go back there again.  I’ve made permanent changes in my life, I can’t wait to see where I am a year from now.