Here are some links to sites I enjoy and find useful or sites that have contributed to Tim Gets Fit. – Hiking website that has user-reviews of trails and a large listing of hikes.  They offer a Pro membership that gives you access to more detailed maps and routes but even the free one is pretty useful. – My favorite fitness site and app.  Competitive social workout site.  Earn points and badges for different activites.   Join groups with people that share your goals.  Take part in challenges or invite someone to a duel.  Very fun and motivating. – Track calories consumed and burnt and set weight loss/gain goals and get a plan to reach them.  Follow friends activity and encourage them and vice versa.  My second favorite fitness site and app.  Probably #1 that is helping me reach my goals… but Fitocracy is more fun. – If you’re familiar with Reddit then you likely know how subreddits work, if not just go check it out.  Reddit is a link posting site that allows comments/discussions on the links or articles posted.  r/LoseIt is a group for weight loss that is an awesome place for anyone with a goal of losing some weight. – Uses your smartphone to track hikes/runs/walks and uploads the data to a website where you can see your route as well as performance data.

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