Life gets all up in the way!

Well, the last few months have kind of been a time-management train wreck for me!  I could go into the long boring story of why and what but the short of it is I got sideways for a while and I’m trying to get back on the tracks.

I’ve got back to working out.  Lifting weights, hiking, walking the dog and even shooting some hoops!  My diet has been very grab-and-go based lately and that’s never good.  I put back on a few of the pounds of lost, 8 of them to be exact, and now I’m trying to get the diet back in place as well.  Rather than trying to back track and catch up on the few hikes that I’ve done I’ll probably just do a quick catch-up post to track everything then try to get back at it 110%.

I know I don’t have a huge reader base here so this is as much to get myself in check as it is to let both of you know that I’m still at it over here.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their Springtime!

4 thoughts on “Life gets all up in the way!

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