60 Hikes Atlanta Challenge

One of my favorite forms of exercise is hiking.  I love the scenery – water, hills, trees flowers, wildlife.  It’s a great escape from the stress of daily life.  I’ve made hiking a big part of my get fit program and to help me along the way I recently picked up the book 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Atlanta.  My goal is to hike all 60 trails in the book, as of today I have 4 of the trails hiked.  I haven’t set a time limit on hiking them, just as much as I am able to.  I’ll likely hike some of them with friends, many of them with my dog (Boo) and sometimes I enjoy just going out alone and taking in the scenery.  I don’t have to keep pace with anyone or get my arm yanked out of socket as Boo goes off after every squirrel, bird and chipmunk we see.

We’re lucky in Atlanta.  We’ve got a big, beautiful city with all the perks that go along with it.  We’re also packed with history, especially if you’re a Civil War or Civil Rights buff.  In metro Atlanta we have Stone Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain and further to the North of Atlanta we have the Blue Ridge Mountains, full of trails and waterfalls.  We have urban trails all through the city and lakeside hikes in the suburbs, it’s a great place to be.  Although I’d love it if the ocean were a bit closer we can be to the Georgia or Florida coasts in about 5 hours time – much better than when I lived in Nebraska.

If you’re in Atlanta and enjoy the outdoors I definitely recommend picking up this book.  They have the 60 Hikes series for other areas as well so if you’re not in Atlanta you might find one for your town.


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